Michael Gamble and the Rhythm Serenaders

Michael Gamble and the Rhythm Serenaders are a hard swinging and stylistically faithful ensemble created in the mold of the late 1930’s, early 1940’s dance band. Their sound is characterized by an aggressive four-on-the-floor time-feel, thick & riffy horn arrangements, and an eclectic songbook that touches on the sweet and sentimental as well as the hot and bothered. The band plays in various configurations, and each version of the group explores different avenues of the classic repertoire. 

The Sextet specializes in careful transcriptions and subtle adaptations of The Benny Goodman Sextet, with thoughtful forays into the small combos Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and Artie Shaw. The many famous sidemen and alumni of those various bands are given plenty of love as well. With Laura Windley featured on vocals, the band also explores the wonderful songbook left behind by Billie Holiday during her years with Brunswick, where she and Teddy Wilson pulled together some of the hardest swinging players to bring to life some of the greatest pop tunes ever written. Bandleader Michael Gamble’s 15+ years of work in every aspect of the global swing dance community informs the band’s repertoire and taste. 

The music will carry a dance floor all night long, but is just as comfortable in listening rooms, or even setting a classy tone for a private event. Michael Gamble and his Rhythm Serenaders pursue one mission in any setting: to share the joy and infectious energy of mid-20th century American Jazz!


Hurley Francois

Hurley enjoys listening to “hot jazz” music, and those old syncopated rhythms. He has been gradually building his collection of swing music ever since, and is totally amazed and humbled by the never-ending wealth of great music just waiting to be heard. But aside from that, he likes to play whatever he thinks will keep people dancing- whether it’s chunky, up-tempo, or even contemporary swing. Some of his favorite artists include the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, Chick Webb, Django Reinhardt, Mildred Bailey, Muggsy Spanier, Ella Fitzgerald, Bill Coleman, Count Basie, Fats Waller (of course), Bob Crosby, as well as Wingy Manone. His love for both the music and dance will make him an exciting DJ that dancers will appreciate!

Jony Navarro

Jony fell in love with jazz in 2011 when he started dancing. Lindy Hop, Blues, Balboa, it didn’t matter, if it was jazz, he wanted it. His first love was Cats And The Fiddle, but as he matured (well, let’s be honest, he’s not that mature) his love moved to the sounds of Artie Shaw and Jimmie Lunceford. Jony has DJ’ed all over the country with exciting, vernacular jazz ready for you to dance your hear out, this time will be no different.

Dominic Howarth

Dominic likes dancing. And people. And jazz. Not exactly in that order – it can change at any second. He’s been dancing since 2013 and he acquires new favorite bands and sounds like a Pokémon trainer, wanting to catch ‘em all and then share them with a swinging audience. He is always ready to play whatever song will get the crowd most ready to boogie, most ready to shout. He wants jam circles. He wants smiling faces. He wants to engage the floor, wants people to dance and sing with their friends. So, get ready to be shufflin’ and rollin’ and get hype!

Aryn Kelly

A long-time lover of jazz, Aryn first became enamored with swing dancing in 2012 when she realized it meant she could dance to Duke Ellington. Since then, she’s sought to find music that inspires that same joy and curiosity so she can share it with others. You can find her DJing at events around the southeast and back home in Tampa. In addition to figuratively spinning tunes for dancers, Aryn serves as the DJ Coordinator for the St. Pete-based organization, The Cat’s Meow. She also co-runs a DJ mentorship initiative with fellow ORLX DJ, Dominic Howarth, through the same organization.

Frankie Pereda

ORLX is excited to have Frankie Pereda joining the DJ team. Here’s a message straight from the man himself:

I began DJing in Seattle in 2015. Since then I’ve played music for swing dances both in Seattle and all over Central Florida. From the beginning my priority has been to bring dancers to the floor with jazz that is authentic to the swing era. From old testament Count Basie to the newest record by Laura Windley’s Mint Julep Jazz Band, if it swings hard you can look forward to dancing to it.

Jason Gosch

Here’s a personal message from your next ORLX DJ, Jason Gosch:

Hailing from Tampa and having helped build the Orlando swing dance scene 2009-2013, I feel pretty excited to return to ORLX! I’m so excited to be bringing some different swing music to the late night modern room, and I just know the energy in there will be turned up to 11!

I’ve been spending time in Tampa growing our fusion dance scene, but don’t let that scare you too much (let it excite ya!). I come from strong lindy/ecs background with enough blues in there to really have fun. My modern sets will have you 6/8 counting your swing feet all over the dance floor to songs you love, some you’ve always wanted to dance to, and hopefully some things you never knew you’d love! It’s my honor to play for you all Saturday night in the late night modern room, I promise I’ll make ya proud!

Dana Ryann

Dancing since 2006 and DJ’ing since 2009, Dana has shared musical selections with scenes all over Florida. She loves sharing tunes from artists across the decades and genres of blues. Her goal is to get you moving and connecting with yourself, the music, the dances, and your community in a way that inspires your joy.

Callie Gieck

Based in Denver, CO, Callie has been dancing nonstop since February, 2015. She loves DJing locally as well as around the world as it allows her to spread her love and excitement of dance. Able to read the energy of the room, Callie plays the music that will keep you dancing all night!

Rusty Phillips

Rusty mostly DJs at his local scene in Orlando, Fl, but has also DJed at nearly every scene in Florida…and occasionally at weddings. His DJing experience is informed by his musical background – having spent time as a vocalist, brass player, guitar player, sound technician, and percussionist before he took up this role.

With a diverse background, he has diverse taste in swing music, and his collection reflects this. Ultimately, though, just as with the other musical pursuits, its the joy of entertaining that drives him to try to find the songs you’ll love the most.